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Tuesday, February 14, 2017  
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Corporate Discount

The Certified Change Management Professional corporate discount has been extended! Starting with corporate groups of at least 5, both members and non-members can receive reduced application fees. We offer flexible invoicing options as well as an individualized program that enables each team member to move through the CCMP process at their own pace. This offer has been extended through May 31, 2017, so don’t wait!

There are many benefits to your business having their change management team certified including:

  • Provides your organization with a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining change management specialists;
  • Boosts internal and market-facing credibility;
  • Provides professional recognition for your change management team;
  • Enables your practitioners to adopt and use The ACMP Standard for Change Management®; and,
  • Contributes to the effectiveness and consistency of your organization’s change practices.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Our current exam window is set to close on March 12, 2017. Complete your application and schedule your exam on or before March 12, 2017 to be recognized as a CCMP at the ACMP Global Conference!

Need more time? Additional exam windows for 2017:

  • June 3 to July 30
  • October 7 to November 26

CCMP Graduate Spotlight

Our graduates are leading the way change works and want to inspire you to join them! We reached out to our CCMP graduates for their CCMP story and we look forward to sharing them with you in upcoming communications.

This month’s featured graduate is Donna Castellano, Senior Vice President of Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.

How has obtaining the CCMP benefited you professionally and personally?

“I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the chance to obtain my CCMP right at the forefront. It was a personal goal to achieve my CCMP however has proved to be of additional benefit in the short time since acquiring it. I have been pleasantly surprised by the surge in contacts asking for my insight and assistance to introduce or enhance Change Management in various organizations. The company I work for acknowledged my accomplishment and also had me present Change Management to our leadership group which in turn has helped to put this as an organizational focus. Having my certification now gives me the backing and reference I have needed at times to inform and provide insight to the profession and the standards it upholds.

On a personal front, it has given me the opportunity to contribute and help others in pursuit of information. I have been overwhelmed (in a positive way) by the number of contacts locally but also from global locations asking for my input and assistance with their certification journey. As a Board Member of ACMP Manitoba, I am able to help with certification awareness and contribute my knowledge to our chapter members and friends. An added bonus I didn't anticipate was inquiries for speaking engagements and workshop facilitation on Change Management. It has also provided an expansion on my career horizon as I see so many organizations creating areas and multi-level positions specific to Change Management. The CCMP has definitely opened many more doors, provided opportunities and has given me a great foundation to connect with Change Management professionals around the globe.

Why the CCMP?

“As a practitioner of both Project Management (PM) and Change Management(CM), I continuously wear multiple hats when delivering the tangibles (project) vs the human impact (change). Obtaining my CCMP was never a question as I felt this would both compliment my PMP designation as well help to delineate the professions and the practicum required of each. I felt having this certification would help to identify Change Management as its own profession and discipline rather than it continuing to be "blurred" within another. The CCMP ensures those in the profession have met specified requirements and adhere to a common set of standards, framework and ethics that are practiced globally. As a practitioner, educator and a founding ACMP Manitoba Chapter Board member it was important for me to support this maturing profession and stand behind the certification.”

How did you prepare for the CCMP? There are some great tips here!

"My main preparation steps included:

  • Completing the application approval process and familiarizing myself with the requirements.
  • Logging the number of required practicum and educational hours to ensure I had enough to meet the requirements.
  • Calling the exam writing center to confirm a date to take my CCMP. This helped to establish my target study time line.
  • Referencing the site as it had great exam prep information, a blog, printable definition flash cards, a few question examples, etc.
  • Printing out the exam prep specifications list to ensure I was always aware of the domains, tasks and % of questions (this provided a great guide)
  • Read and re-read many times over the ACMP Standard Guide (know your processes inside and out)
  • A great deal of memorizing the process inputs and outputs
  • Having a study partner was beneficial!"

Need Coaching to Apply for the CCMP?

Are you applying for your CCMP? Check out what one of our recent graduates, Katy Breuer, Vice President of Project Management Special Projects with Marriott International, had to say about the application process

“I attended the webinar “Getting Ready for CCMP” to help me complete the CCMP application. It was extremely helpful because it comprehensively outlined the process to complete the application and get ready for the exam.. Alissa DeMeglio was the presenter and responded to my questions during the webinar and via e-mail afterwards. I felt like I had my own personal coach during the process. The application takes some time to complete because it requires 3 essays (each up to 500 words) as well as a detailed description of your change management experience. I finished it in just a couple days. Alissa looked out for my application once it was submitted and made sure it was complete. I just recently sat for the exam and I passed! Now I am pleased to say that I am a CCMP! Thanks to ACMP for making the application process so easy.”

Interested in attending one of our CCMP coaching calls? Get more information here

Coaching calls for corporate groups going through the CCMP program together also available. Contact Alissa DeMeglio at for availability.


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