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Dharti Kumar, CCMP™

Tuesday, May 9, 2017  
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Manager, Organizational Design and Change Management, Enaxis Consulting

Why did you decide to pursue the CCMP?

Enaxis Consulting has been involved with the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) since its inception. We are strong supporters of the ACMP vision and early adopters of the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) Program.

How has earning the CCMP benefited you personally and professionally?

Achieving the CCMP has validated my experience in Global markets. From a professional standpoint, I believe that the CCMP provides a global, standard platform for Change Professionals such as myself to network and grow our skills and experience.

How did you prepare for the CCMP?
I'll try to briefly describe exactly how I studied in the hope that it will help someone else reach their goal of passing the CCMP exam.

Step 1:Check ACMP’s testing partner, Kryterion's site to determine where you will take the exam.

Step 2: Review “The Standard for Change Management” & the Code of Ethics. I read “The Standard for Change Management” & “Code of Ethics” twice and highlighted the key points. It's short enough and it is likely there they be only a few questions that are based on this domain.

Step 3: Create “Key Information” notes for each process group. My sheet included the various steps in each process group. I did not focus on the process diagrams at the end.

Step 4: Create a Study Plan. It doesn't have to be as thorough, but rather a checklist, tentative completion date, target goals, that will help keep you motivated and on track. I would not try to learn all of this information in under a month, nor would I drag it out to 6 months. My study plan kept my motivation levels high.

Step 5: Use theflash cards. I loved using the flash cards on the go. I was able to download them to my mobile device and it helped memorize the key activities.

Step 6: Create a matrix chart for each process group. This was critically important for me. Using the Standard, I created a matrix showing the connections between activities across each process group. At first this was an extremely challenging exercise, but helped understand how the processes fit together and to see patterns to help me answer questions. It's not so important to memorize all of this, the important part is to understand what's being done and why.

Step 7: Review the ACMP CCMP Test Specification. The test specification guide provides a breakdown of the various domains being tested and the percentage of examination that will cover that domain. The first two process groups cover 49% of the exam. I found the last process group – ‘Close the Change Management Effort” to be the quickest and most interesting read of the 5 process groups!

Step 8: REST. As you can imagine, this was a pretty hectic schedule while working full time on a transformation project for a Petroleum client. Initially, I studied only a couple of hours each week, so the week before my exam I studied for between 2 and 3 hours, 5 days a week. The day before my exam, I spent the evening reviewing the flash cards, and went to bed early.

Step 9: Exam Day. The day of the exam, I read the notes and listened to my favorite satellite station on the way to testing center. I arrived at the testing center about 15 minutes early and my exam started immediately after the sign-in process.

Step 10: Pass Exam!!! I marked several questions for review where my confidence levels were low. I also read the questions back and forth to make sure that I was answering them correctly. This approach takes time, so I increased my pace. After I completed the survey, the 'Congratulations' message popped up (I wasn’t expecting to receive the exam results right away and almost fell off my chair!) Hope this helps you in your CCMP preparation. Good Luck!!!

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